Best places for Thanksgiving Take Out

Planning, preparing, cooking and putting together a full Thanksgiving meal is not for everyone. The chopping alone is enough to give someone carpal tunnel, not to mention the sheer game of tetris that is cooking several things at once in a single oven. Even seasoned chefs find it difficult, so there’s no shame in wanting to go a different direction. Fortunately, Palm Beach Gardens is home to some of the finest dining there is to be had, and lost of restaurants are serving special Thanksgiving menus. But if you want to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of your own home, be sure to read the fine print before waiting till the day of.

Seasons 52
Open on Thanksgiving and available for takeout
Seasons 52 is exactly what you want out of a restaurant. Their menu changes seasonally and everything is fresh, from when it’s brought into the store room until it makes it to your plate. They bring that dedication to freshness and quality of ingredients to their classic Thanksgiving Dinner. Their full Thanksgiving menu will be available for takeout.

1000 North
Open on Thanksgiving and available for takeout
1000 North is opening its doors on Thanksgiving for the second time this year, and celebrating with a traditional turkey dinner, and a limited menu of customer favorites, such as a dry-aged porterhouse and a herbed Chilean sea bass. The Thanksgiving menu features roast turkey with sage-chestnut stuffing, classic and original takes on the sides, and a children’s menu. Their full Thanksgiving menu will be available for takeout.

Avocado Grill
Open on Thanksgiving and available for takeout
Avocado Grill will be offering a holiday meal this Thanksgiving, with their classic healthy spin. Along with the traditional sides, they’re also offering several healthier versions of classic sides and several vegan options. Their full Thanksgiving menu will be available for takeout.

Open on Thanksgiving and available for takeout
Pistache is the go to french bistro of Palm Beach Gardens, and there’s no better place to go for a french inspired Thanksgiving. Offering a full three-course Thanksgiving menu with french influences, it’s sure to be a delight. If you’re ordering take out, be aware that you must order the full pre-fixed menu.

Okeechobee Steakhouse
Open on Thanksgiving, takeout must be pre-ordered
For a traditional american meal, why not go to a traditional steak house? Okeechobee Steak House has been operating since 1947, with no signs of stopping. It is also offering an a la carte Thanksgiving dinner, including roast turkey, stuffing, and sides. But you want it for takeout, be sure to call their meat market ahead of time! It takes all pre-orders for Thanksgiving, and can be reached at 561.570.7200.

Farmer’s Table
Open for Thanksgiving, takeout must be pre-ordered
Farmer’s Table is known for their farm to table mentality, fresh ingredients, and healthy options. But as delicious as Farmer’s Table is, they also have some specific rules for takeout on Thanksgiving. All orders must be placed by Friday, November 22nd, and must be picked up no later than 2pm on Thanksgiving. The food comes cold and must be reheated. There are only 20 turkeys available, so call quickly. Each turkey is 24-26 lbs, which serves 14-16 people, and comes with 2 quarts of gravy and a quart of cranberry puree. There are also plenty of other sides available such as veggies or potatoes.

Thanksgiving is always a crazy time, especially for restaurants. Restaurant want to make your day as special as possible, but it can be difficult. To make it easier for all parties, reach out in advance to make sure they can handle what you’re asking of them. If you’re able, pre-order ahead of time with as much information as possible, and don’t forget to tip! Restaurant workers are giving up their holiday to make sure that yours is as good as it can be.

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