Family Activities in Palm Beach Gardens

Nothing says vacation quite like Florida-- even if you live here! And what better way to spend your vacation (or staycation) than doing fun things with your family. There are a ton of great family activities in Palm Beach Gardens that everyone can enjoy, from cool museums to beautiful beaches. So what are you waiting for? Check them out ... More

Apartment Decorating Ideas

Decorating is a huge part of making a space feel like your own. There are few things less comforting than sitting in a new apartment surrounded by unopened boxes and blank walls. Decorating can change that! It’s a great way to turn a house into a home while letting your personality shine through. Do you like simplicity? Try a minimalist ... More

Top Golf Courses in Palm Beach Garden

While Florida is known for many things, it is perhaps most famous for its golf courses. Home to over 1,000 links that are open year-round, it’s truly a golfer’s paradise. However, with so many places to golf and such little time, it may be hard to pick where to go first! Fortunately, the experts at Central Gardens Grand are here to help. ... More

Day Trips in Palm Beach Gardens

South Florida is one of the most beautiful and underrated places in the United States. From the incredible biodiversity to the vibrant, lively culture, there’s so much to do and see. So grab the family, hop in the car, and explore all the secrets Florida has to offer (before it gets too hot.)   Lion Country Safari- Florida is ... More

Living in Palm Beach Gardens

Living in Palm Beach Gardens is something special. With things to do, sights to see, and sun that always shines, living here is a dream come true. Whether you look at its safety, amenities, or top tier education, Palm Beach Gardens is truly a jewel of Florida. With a population of about 54,000 people, it is a medium-sized city, perfect for ... More

Tips for Moving to a New Area

Moving into a new home can be the best adventure you’ve ever had! Decorating a new apartment, meeting new neighbors, and waking up to a new community can be a wonderful experience. However, it isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to help ease the transition and make your move as good as can be.   Say ‘Yes’- Whatever you ... More

The 10 Best Restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens may have sun, surf, and culture, but that’s not all. It also has cuisine! Some of the best restaurants in the state are in Palm Beach Gardens, from classic American steakhouses to tiny seafood shacks. So check out some of our favorites below!   Buccan- Helmed by Chef Clay Conley, this upscale cafe focuses on ... More

Get out of Palm Beach Gardens this Winter

No matter how much you love where you live, sometimes you just need to leave. Take a trip down the coast, visit a city you’ve never seen, or watch a sunset over an unfamiliar landscape, just get out of the same old place and routine. This feeling strikes even more true during the winter, when the days are shorter and the nights colder. ... More

Best places for Thanksgiving Take Out

Planning, preparing, cooking and putting together a full Thanksgiving meal is not for everyone. The chopping alone is enough to give someone carpal tunnel, not to mention the sheer game of tetris that is cooking several things at once in a single oven. Even seasoned chefs find it difficult, so there’s no shame in wanting to go a different ... More

Haunted Houses Palm Beach Gardens

Haunted Houses Near Palm Beach Gardens

As the summer months wane and September comes to a close, witches take to the skies and ghosts whisper at night. Yes, it’s finally October, the spookiest time of the year! And what better way to celebrate than to catch a good fright. There are plenty of scary attractions around Palm Beach Gardens, so check out our favorite haunted houses ... More