Top Beaches Near Palm Beach Gardens

Summer in Florida means just one thing: beating the heat by any means necessary. And while sitting at home in the air conditioning may work, it can’t hold a candle to going to a beach. There’s nothing like lounging on the sand, playing in the surf, and enjoying Florida’s best natural resource. Fortunately, Palm Beach Gardens is one of the best places in the country to enjoy the ocean, with countless pristine beaches just waiting for you. Check out our favorites below!

Juno Beach Park- Juno is the quintessential ‘beach.’ Beautiful white sand, rolling surf, and enough room to lay out a blanket and just relax. Located in Jupiter, it’s a little less crowded than some of the other well-known beaches, which suits us just fine. This 5+ acre beach park has every amenity you could ask for, with showers and restrooms, free parking, picnic tables and shelter in case of a storm. It’s truly the best day vacation you could ask for. 

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park- Why settle for just a beach when you can have an entire state park to explore? At The John D. MacArthur Beach, you can have it all. The park preserves over 430 acres of stunning Florida nature and helps protect 22 species of animals and 7 species of plants that are threatened or endangered. Featuring kayak rentals, snorkeling, paddle boats, birding, and a nature center to explore, it’s a perfect day for the whole family.

Gulfstream Park– Gulfstream is the hidden gem that some people spend their lives searching for. Featuring nearly 7 acres of pristine beachfront park, you’ll be blown away by the sight of it. The beach is meticulously maintained, free of the seemingly endless cigarette butts and litter that you typically find on a public beach. There are shallow reefs perfect for snorkeling just off the shore, and a deeper reef about 50 feet further out, and all the amenities you’d expect such as a playground, showers, restroom, and picnic tables. Bring your family, a cooler, and your boogie board for a spectacular day. 

Blowing Rocks Preserve- Blowing Rocks is a sight to behold. It is not endless white sand or gently rolling waves that people typically associate with a beach. As the largest Anastasia limestone outcropping in eastern Florida, the entire area is a maze of rocks sticking out of the sand, creating incredible sprays and splashes from the thundering waves. As the name implies, water has eroded impurities in the stone, creating erosion holes through which water can shoot out. It is truly a sight to behold, just be careful– some of the rocks can be particularly sharp, and that water can shoot out fairly quickly, knocking over the unwary. 

City Beach- In an area that is inundated with private beaches and resorts, City Beach is a delightful find. The beach is absolutely massive, and even if it’s packed you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to lay out your blanket. The beach itself is beautiful, with clean sand and clear waters, perfect for frolicking in the waves. Complete with showers, restrooms and a plethora of dining options nearby, City Beach is the ideal place to spend an afternoon without paying resort prices.

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