Uses for Your Spare Room


Having space is great and having an apartment with a spare room gives you lots of options for turning your extra square footage into the living space of your dreams. If you’re wondering whether a spare room is a good idea, consider all these fun ways to use it.

As a Bedroom

A spare room can always be used as a guest bedroom. Make it luxurious and inviting with additional pillows and a fluffy duvet or welcome multiple guests with a hide-away trundle bed or fun bunk beds. You never know when your parents might want to visit or when a friend needs a place to crash, so having a spare room can be the perfect solution to finding yourself stuck on the couch.

As a Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home, a home office is a great use for your spare room. Having a dedicated space for your computer and other electronics will help keep cords neat, reduce clutter in common areas, and keep you distraction-free when you need to get work done.

As a Workout Room

Who needs a gym membership when you can turn your spare room into your very own home gym? A spare room will leave plenty of space for your treadmill or stationary bike. Dedicate a corner to your yoga supplies or free weights. Purchase several full-length mirrors to line one wall so you can perfect your form as you exercise.

As a Meditation Room

Everyone needs a quiet place to go, free from distraction and stress. Consider turning your spare room into a meditation or relaxation room. Use a soft rug and extra-large throw pillows to create a comfortable floor space for meditating, thinking, daydreaming, napping, reading, or whatever else relaxes you. Create a peaceful mood with soft accent lighting and aromatherapy scents. Designate it a no-technology zone to reduce stress and distraction even further.

As a Library

If you were always jealous of Belle’s library in Beauty in the Beast, try making your own at home with your spare room. Head to Ikea or Target and pick up multiple bookcases to line one or more walls. Fill them with books, photos, knickknacks, and other items. Add plushy armchairs or a chaise lounge for a comfortable place to sit and read. Don’t forget extra lighting like floor lamps so you don’t strain your eyes.

As a Game Room

Whether you want a multi-screen computer setup for online gaming, a large table for board games with friends, or a flat screen TV for watching sports, a game room can be the perfect place to relax and play. Designating a space away from the living room will keep toys and games organized and allow others to enjoy quiet time in the rest of the apartment while you battle it out with other players or cheer on the local team.

As a Craft Room

For creative people, a spare room can be the perfect craft and design studio. Use protective floor coverings such as short-fiber rugs or even plastic table cloths to catch paint drips, glitter, and other messes. Bookcases, filing cabinets, and plastic drawers and tubs can hold supplies and keep things organized. Having a dedicated space for your art will reduce distractions, enhance creativity, and maybe even inspire you to turn your side project into a full-fledged crafting business.

As a Walk-in Closet

For the fashionistas out there, a spare room is the perfect solution to limited closet space. Add a lighted vanity for getting ready and an oversized full-length mirror to ensure every outfit is perfect. Line walls with standing clothing racks and jewelry organizers. Use bookcases to display shoes and add a large ottoman as a place to sit while you get dressed. Everyone will be jealous when they see your fabulous dressing room.

If you’re debating about how much space you need, just think of all the cool uses for your spare room. A larger apartment with an extra room gives you the flexibility and freedom to pursue your passions, keep yourself in shape, expand your hobbies into a business, or just add a space to relax and get away from the everyday grind. Dress up your spare room today!


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